Math Tutoring

Because math is often a very difficult subject for students, we at Bartelt Education Center incorporate many different strategies to help our students overcome their difficulties and begin to enjoy the subject. Our math tutoring covers classes from kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as college.

Bartelt Education Center teaches our students that math, at all levels, is similar to a game.  Like many games, it has pieces, moves, strategies, goals, and its own vocabulary.  Usually, the object of a game is to discover some specific unknown by using available clues.  Using this approach to math, we teach our students problem-solving skills, not just memorization of set formulas, so that they can actually “play” the game.  Whenever possible, we relate problems to the real world in clear, simple, relatable terms.  Even higher-level, abstract math subjects can be made relevant when viewed from a real-world situation.

Because of our game approach to math, we teach that all aspects of learning the subject can be fun; math is a toolkit for solving mysteries.  Using whatever clues we find, we translate the mystery using numbers and symbols.  After we’ve manipulated the numbers and symbols in accordance with the rules, we translate the result back into real world terms.  After initially determining a student’s particular math level, we at Bartelt Education Center help our students discover the rules of math and teach them how to implement them in an interesting way.

Our tutoring program in math covers all levels, from the basics of counting, addition and subtraction for kindergarten and elementary school students,  up to and including Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus for older students.  Additionally, if your student is in a math program working with the new Common Core standards, we can cover those courses as well.