Reading opens doors to successful communication.

The Bartelt Reading tutor program is designed to help students of all ages, from children entering Kindergarten to older students who need to reinforce their vocabulary, comprehension, and other basic reading skills.

For beginning readers, we use the successful and widely adopted Open Court method. In Open Court reading, explicit phonics and comprehension skills instruction is balanced with extensive reading of both decodeable texts and quality literature. In other words, students learn to read through a balance of literature integrated with explicit skills instruction in areas such as comprehension, fluency, decoding, writing, reading, research and inquiry.

read aloud
Reading aloud helps teach phonics, the sounds of letters and words.

The Open Court reading approach to initial reading tutoring relies on the explicit teaching of sounds, on the blending of sounds into words, and on the leverage of using this knowledge for reading and writing. There are no assumptions about prior knowledge, so students do not fall through the cracks. Students are exposed to and read a variety of genres in both fiction and non-fiction. The focus is always on building knowledge and deeper understanding. The intent is to engage students in reading, thinking and problem solving that are typical of real-world situations.

For more advanced students, we offer instruction in improving comprehension by teaching specific skills. ┬áStudents will learn to correctly identify the main idea of the text, separate the main facts from less important information, identify any inferences the author makes, and draw conclusions based on the information presented. ┬áBy improving the student’s core comprehension skills, their ability to understand more complex texts will improve and their ability to successfully decode and communicate ideas will flourish.

More about Open Court Reading at the McGraw Hill website here.