SAT ACT Test Tutoring Education

Bartelt Education Center is qualified to prepare students for the SAT/ACT tests. This program consists of one on one tutoring in conjunction with computer CD’s.

There are ten areas of study which we concentrate on. They include:

  1. The basics of how to plan, prepare for, and take the test itself.
  2. Comprehension of sentences enabling you to fill in blanks from given words or short phrases.
  3. Critical reading of long and short passages followed by questions.
  4. Essay preparation, tips, structure and writing along with example topics and essays.
  5. A review of basic grammar concepts with identification of sentence errors.
  6. Improving sentences and paragraphs through examples and questions.
  7. Basic algebra functions and manipulations.
  8. More advanced algebra functions and basic geometry.
  9. Various algebra problems, many of which are included in word problems. These math problems all have multiple choice answers.
  10. Three lists of more than 500 vocabulary words arranged in order of basic, moderately difficult and difficult.


All questions, problems and concepts presented are taken from previously retired SAT and ACT tests. Full explanations are given for each question or problem. Any student wanting to prepare for these tests should allow 15-20 hours for this preparation. Just a few short sessions will not suffice.