State Test Preparation

Tutoring at Bartelt Education Center prepares each student for personal success in school.  We believe that if a student learns the material and concepts required for their grade level,  then they will do well on their state tests (STAR, CAHSEE, etc.) and their results will reflect their commitment to success.

Over our 13 years of being in business, our level of achievement with students shows an average gain of 1.6 academic years in a 30 hour tutoring program.



GED Preparation

We will help prepare you for taking the GED test. Much self-study and homework must be done on your own. There are five areas of study that will be tested: writing, mathematics, social studies, science and language arts (reading). The average amount of time needed to prepare you for the GED test is 3 to 6 months. Be prepared to put in ample amounts of study time in order to pass the test.