We teach in a fun, relaxed environment

We at Bartelt Education Center strive to ensure the individual academic and personal success of each of our students in a fun, relaxed environment. We design an individualized learning program for each student in a way that fosters self-confidence, high personal achievement, and independence that will last a lifetime. Our tutors are carefully selected for their ability to teach, to relate well to young people, and for their sensitivity and discretion. Our one-on-one and small group approach to tutoring allows us to be personally committed to seeing each of our students excel.

Students seek help from Bartelt Education Center for many reasons.  Some of our students require the additional support our tutoring services provide.  Other students are already doing well, but are not being challenged academically by their current courses.  Additionally, some students are in situations where standard schooling is not the best fit.  We work with all of our students to discover exactly what they need to both succeed and excel.

Unlike other agencies, we don't just 'recruit and forget'; instead, we follow a deliberate policy of contracting directly with our tutors. This means we carry a greater responsibility, but it gives more security to both clients and tutors. Besides having degrees and/or credentials, all of our tutors are interviewed and all are subject to careful screening to ensure your complete confidence. We expect our staff to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, but we also give them full support in circumstances which may be challenging and demanding.