8th Grade Student

Because of Ken, my daughter is comfortable in Math! She has also become confident in other areas such as science and English too! I am so thankful to everyone at Bartelt Tutoring for getting rid of the anxiety my daughter … Continued

Grade 3 Student

I struggled with math.  It was my worst subject.  Then I came here and you guys taught me multiplication and division to help me.  Learning the multiplication table helps me understand and work faster.

Grade 12 Student

Bartelt Tutoring Center has helped me tremendously with my school work and has me on the right track for college.  The tutors are great and it is an excellent learning environment.  I could not have passed math without their help!

Candi W.

What you did for our son has been the best thing in our lives.  He is doing so well in school now.  The Independent Study program was the best decision we have ever made.

Grade 6 student

I am getting better grades in school because Ken explains my homework directions better than my teacher.  He takes the time to go over my homework with me to make sure it is all correct.

Grade 9 Student

My son, Kyle, has come a long way in his pre-algebra math class due to the tutoring he has received at Bartelt Tutoring Center.

Nanci L.

Andrea was so far behind and now she is at her grade level.  We plan to put her back in public school next semester. The independent Study program has really worked for us.